My name is Trevor Davidson a friend of Ossie Whittley the well known boat designer/ builder now retired who started this society about 5 years ago. I am putting this blog together in order to continue the preservation of local marine history and make available space on this blog for your items of interest, photos, drawings, writing etc.
I will post as much material as I have and can collect from all sources, if you would like to contribute anything relevant please email me

Copies of any Photos available on request

The aims of the Society

The Maritime History Preservation Society of East Victoria

The Maritime History Preservation Society of East Victoria was established to preserve the maritime history of the Gippsland and East Bass Strait islands and Mornington Peninsula.

The functions of the society consist of, but are not limited to :

Gathering information and memorabilia

To display material such as old boats, replicas or models, old fishing gear, fishing methods, coastal trading boats, etc.

To make the above material available for exhibition.

The society also acts as a central point to pool the above information and memorabilia, and assists in the gathering of exhibits, volunteers, and venues for shows.

The vastness of the area covered and the fact that the above information is still available through thee older generation, although rapidly drying out, made the establishment of the Society imperative.

The Society is open to any individual or group for membership.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Model Making

An important part of  recording maritime history is preserving boat designs, Ossie has taken on himself to measure and record the lines of various traditional boats, cruising and fishing. He has taken this a step further and created models from these lines which should help preserve these pieces of history, including designs other than local boats some from overseas.
America had Howard Chappelle who recorded small boat designs and published several books including American Small Sailing Craft and others, Ossie is doing the same job here perhaps on a smaller scale.

Ossie gives some instruction on taking lines and model making.